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Juvics Mining Projects Pty Ltd

Juvics Mining Projects Pty Ltd Reg Nr 2015/360852/07 Contact 0763740806/0717962114/0767093558 Address Driekop R37 main road Burgersfort (Accountants, Advertising, Advertising, Agencies & Brokerage, Amusement & Them ...

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We buy all cars for cash! Here at, we take you and your car seriously. We use the latest in market tracking analysis of the car market, and offer you the best possible price up front. As part of the Durban South Motor Group, we’v ...

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tattoo shop in pta @ Skinmojo Tattoos

Don't settle for a cheap back yard tattoo, because it is for life and u will regret it a few years down the line, be ashamed of it because it wasn't done professionally. If you want to decorate your body do it the right way, so that when you leave the s ...

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Motorbike Garments by GPI Moto

GHAUS PAK industries are proud to present their motorbike apparel brand GPI MOTO. We carry complete range of Motorbike Garments such as Motorcycle Leather Suits, Motorbike Jackets, Ladies Biker Jackets, Motorcycle Boots, Motorcycle Riding Pants, Motorcy ...

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Allcom Radio and Electronic Services

We do repairs and sales to all makes of two way radios . The following services are available Kenwood, Motorola, QD, RTS, Vratvark, Bosvark, Krimpvark, License free, Tait, Kirisun, HYT, antenna, Power supplies, Batteries, Rubber antenna, Two way ...

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